[NEW MUSIC] Dossers Urge- Honest Rage

Last year, I received a Couchsurfing request from three brothers from Shillong, India, who we’re headed to America to record for Converse Rubber Tracks. They came out to Jersey for the second half of their trip, kicking off with the legendary Wave Fest 5000. The brothers became like family- late-nights listening to records, cooking experimental meals and venturing thru the Jersey streets. The brothers of Dossers Urge, are certifiable rockstars in my opinion. and our adventures are some of my favorite to date. You can see a lot of their US journey in their music video for “Erase“.

This week, they released their album Honest Rage. Their sound is a deep textured psychedelic rock experience. A throwback mash of rock influenced glory. The brothers all bring very different aspects to the group. David is the eldest- the lead singer/guitarist and the grounded wise one. Romeo, the bassist and the youngest, is the sweet innocence of the group. And Gideon, the drummer and middle child is the rock star of the group, also known as Young TI. Their talent is on full display in Honest Rage with energetic rhythms, deep lyrics and an addictive sound.

They are genuine spirits that have a deep passion for their craft. Dossers Urge lives and breathes through their music. I am beyond honored to have been a part of their NYC experience and that full story will come sometime soon. Until then check out their music, spread the word and lets see more of talent like this celebrated! While listening to the release I asked David a few questions, so go download Honest Rage and get familiar:

What influences did you have growing up musically?

Three of us grew up playing in church. A friend of ours introduced us to Blink182 & Green day that’s where the early stage on influence came from.

How would you describe your sound?

Our sound is rock music with loud guitars, vocal, drums & bass. Over the 5 years of playing our sound keeps on evolving. If you listen to our first EP it sounds nothing like the latest album “Honest Rage“.

Tell us a bit about Honest Rage.

We had 20 odd songs unreleased and it was time to put out an album so we selected 10 songs which fits for the album. Some compiled songs in this album were recorded in Converse Brooklyn Studio NY. Honest Rage is an honest approach to write not just music but lyrically being honest with the song.

How has growing up in India shaped you guys?

Growing up here is a blessing. We got introduced to western music at a very initial stage so I like to think that shaped us phenomenally on musical field.

What is it like performing and recording as brothers?

We have been playing for years now that it feels as these two are my best friends & enemies at the same time. No one knows me like my brothers do.

What is the writing/creating process like for you guys?

I come up with a lyric then we sort out the melody’s & instrument’s parts. Sometimes we would jam randomly tracking our sessions and later scoop the portion we like which will be arranged as a song. So, there is no particular rule of making music we follow.

What did you take from your time in the US?

Spending a month in US has been a booster in our musical career. Getting to record & work with with pro engineers at a pro studio changes the way one thinks about music. It challenges you to be more creative and become a better not just musically but as a human too.

What drives you to keep creating?

The love for playing live and changing lives because of music drives us. Of course getting to meet new people, food & travel. It is an adventure.

What’s next for you guys?

Planning touring the country with this album. We don’t want to repeat ourselves in the next album so writing process is constant. Big fan of great live bands so shooting lots of live sessions wherever we can. Play as a many shows and start working on international tours.


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