The homie VICEVÉRSA (fka TYGERXWINSTON) dropped some new sonic presents this past week with his latest album titled YOÚTH. He continues booming his deep voice and bounce of a flow over heavy trap beats. You just need to give it a listen, but the dude is wilding. I caught up with him to discus Youth.

How would you explain YOÚTH?

To me YOÚTH is a unique expression of collaborated undefined sounds. Its is a representation of the growth of my music, with a mixture of the various type of sounds I grew up listening to.

What type of influences?

Growing up I listen to a variety of  genres ;Falling in love with Hip-Hop I also enjoyed listening to Indie Rock,  Screamo,  Blues and Dubstep. This is where I adopted  my grimey hardcore sound  from. I am influenced by artist like Kanye, Childish Gambino, Crystal Castles, Tupac and  Jimi Hendrix.

What is your process?

As an artist when write I like to talk about personal experiences or experiences that my homies been through. Being an artist who writes as well as engineers and produces, I like to co- produce my beats but if I’m not producing my own beat I usually choose my beats by a certain mood I’m in. If I’m relax, I’ll pick a smooth mellow beat, but if i’m in a hype mood and I wanna rage I pick a up tempo grimey beat

What do you bring to the table that sets you apart from the pack?

As upcoming young artist from New York i take pride in my city and I feel that with all the different cultures in my city everyone is unique… including me. My bluntness in my music is what separates me from a lot of artist now a days. With everyone trying to ride the wave, I feel  that a lot of rappers aren’t true to their true selves, but me, I’m just a regular teenager from New York who gonna just talk about real life things and issue that happen on the daily.

Where do you hope to grow as an artist?

As a young artist I definitely wanna work on my craft and perfect my art to its full potential. Experimenting with all genres and sound as my career goes on.  I wanna focus more on my engineering and mixing; perfecting my skills on the board. I also wanna start focusing more on my production when it comes to making my beats, because for my next project I want to do most of the production.

What can we expect next with this project?

Visuals definitely on the way. I have big plans for the visual of WHO DAT, RAWRRR and PULL UP AN FLEX. Stay tuned this spring and summer #VicerVersaSZN.

VICEVÉRSA has a lot planned for the future and with his talent I expect major moves. Give the album a listen and stay tuned!


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