Overmind at the Brighton Bar


Last weekend I hit the road down to Asbury Park for the first time. My cousin lives out there and plays in homegrown rock band Overmind.  I was impressed by the energy of the people from the moment I arrived and the charm of the city. We toured the cities murals and checked out the majestic architecture of the seaside town (we’ll save that for a later post). The main event was a show with mostly punk bands at Long Branch, New Jersey’s home of original music, Brighton Bar. The venue is a classic rock bar- dark, cheap booze, oozing with character. The night was stacked with rocking local music- Bionic MonkeyAristocantsJon Caspi & The First Gun, and After the Burn. I was most excited to catch Overmind as they return after a 5 year hiatus. This year they came back with vengeance with the release of their latest albumChange Today. Their sound is a mix of various influences and captures a message of positivity. They take elements of roots reggae, dub, hip-hop, punk, funk and ska to deliver a powerful message of solidarity to create a sound all their own which has been labeled as dub-noir. Their live show didn’t disappoint. Leading off with a easy dub, they gradually built up the crowd into an energetic frenzy. Their passion for the music and connection with the audience was remarkable.

Overmind is making big moves this summer, bringing their message to the masses. You can catch them at:

You can expect new music dropping in June, but until then get familiar with the Change Today EP:

Check the photos below:


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