EyeStayGold Presents: Eye&Eye


EyeStayGold came back with the great vibes and energy at their latest installment, a showcase of production and visuals called Eye&Eye. The pink hue drenched room in Brooklyn brought sonic purity and genuine spirit. I kicked it off this year at the U Aint Heard Release Party which was a night I hoped would set a tone for the year. Eye&Eye didn’t disappoint.

EyeStayGold created Eye&Eye to celebrate the producers and visual creators that construct dynamic layers to our world. Videos shot from projectors to screens beside a beautiful lineup of producers. The sounds were provided by Ghryzly AtomsSlauson MaloneKen-I-ProduceVHVL¡Ayuda! and Zuri Lyric. The room felt right- bodies swayed, heads nodded and people embraced. There was a camcorder streaming to an old fat back TV capturing the interest of those who passed by. Tastey treats including rice krispies and waffles elevated the evening. And as the night drew on Caine Casket, Tokunbo, Rudeboy Hav, Malco and Matthew B took the mic bringing the full EyeStayGold experience.

This was a different experience than the U Aint Heard Release Party, but I left equally as elated. Everyone I met at that show and that is involved with EyeStayGold, have been top notch individuals. From their hustle, energy, skills and personality, this is the vibe. They are tuned on to something real and this year is their time. So stay connected and get down.



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