WolfJuice Presents: NEON TSUNAMI

WolfJuice is back, live and direct with an experience for the ages. Last summer I covered the storied Wavefest 5000, which was a mass appeal to the vibes. WolfJuice and his network are ever present in our creative world- from music, art, podcasts, curation and beyond. The FrankenWolf Podcast is a weekly dive into the minds of the wave. So when it’s a WolfJuice party, you know to expect a collection of high frequencies gathering under one roof.

Neon Tsunami brought together all the pillars of the Jersey creative community to a house in Newark. Work from artists Pedro BaezWill FocusAndy Mac and Brianna Marie  lined the walls of the first floor of the unassuming single family home. Music was set thanks to the masterful Frankie Metalz. The crowd enjoyed some delicious wavy treats and refreshments by the lovely CUPS. People lurked the halls soaking in the energy of these artists vision and creative output. Upstairs was a different vibe. Stepping up the stairs a neon hue dripped through the doorway. Music amplified into the hall and the mystery of the room pulled you in. As I stepped in the room I was entranced by the large murals and scribble that covered the walls. Brain Orchestra was in the first room dropping mind-fuckery beats. The scene was out of a tripped out combination of the opening scene of Belly and the acid scene in Fear and Loathing. As I worked my way through the first room, I found myself in the black-lit wonderland, where beautiful women donning artistic creations melted into the walls. A giant dragon painted by Pedro Baez lurked in the corner. The models were arranged by Bree Cheese and recruited by thee Father and Kali. They featured work by Brianna MariePedro Baez and Toushai. Their beauty accentuated the art in movement and being.

After taking everything in, I moved back to the music room where Black Space Odyssey had taken control. Their energy vibrated the room. I was stuck bouncing to their hypnotic flow, locked in to the vivid picture in front of me as the rhythm flowed through. The night drew on and I retreated downstairs where Nino Andretti had seized the first floor into a trap frenzy.

The night wasn’t an art show, it wasn’t a concert, it wasn’t a house party- this was a true immersive creative experience. From the artists to the spectators everyone was on the same frequency. This is the type of event we need. In a competitive world it’s often easy to fall into cliques, but when curators and artists come together to create something beautiful- that’s magic. WolfJuice and crew put together yet another successful event. The ability to build the network and orchestrate in the real neighborhoods we operate in is incredibly clutch. Cheers to them and here’s to big things this summer and beyond.

The next WolfJuice powered event is the Open Mic this Friday, May 19th at a Secret Location in Paterson, NJ.  RSVP HERE.



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  1. Will Focus says:

    Thanks for the love. I appreeciate it and for capturing my neon mural of the “Smoking Lady” in the music room upstairs.


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