Hip-Hop on Grove


Every Wednesday Grove Street plaza is taken over by vendors and musicians to bring the community together. This past Wednesday Chicpea JC put together some of the best young local Hip-Hop talent on the stage to rock out for Groove on Grove. It was an exciting mix of people together enjoying the sounds that rock the parties around the city. From kids to artists to business people and beyond people rallied for JC.

The night kicked off with the soulful groove of Naja Young and the Lo-fis. Her energy was calming and entrancing. Thoughtful lyrics complemented her smooth voice and the bands spacey melodies. Brain Orchestra went dumb on the MPC bringing the real lovetone sounds. Jay Hype rocked intermissions as DJ. The night also included sets from Jersey City favorites Mateo Ahki and King Tjay. We got a double dose of Conundrum– both rocking solo and playing house band for PeteyXKraze. It was a blessing to catch these two factions join forces, something I was lucky enough to catch for a few songs on the Porta rooftop last fall. This go around was evolved and went incredibly hard. The entire crowd responded to PeteyXKraze, they had children, young professionals, art cats and grandmas moving. The biggest highlight of the night for me, was Conundrum‘s set. Donning a Sade shirt, trumpet player Germain led the jazz fusion band through entrancing funk. They played a slew of originals off their album, Social Music, as well as some excellently arranged covers. Most notably a funky rendition of Frontin’Conundrum also brought another element to their already exciting show as Germain rocked a vocoder for parts of the show. The more all these artists evolve, the more exciting it is to be in this city.

Beyond being a great way to spend a Wednesday evening, this was also an excellent teaser for a great festival coming up this August. Mad Liberation Festival is a celebration of New Jersey music at one of my favorite campsites. The festival brings some of Jersey’s finest to a scenic campsite in the thick of the Pine Barrens. Both Conundrum and Brain Orchestra will be rocking sets during the weekend which will also feature sets from Sunny Gangthe Genii Collectivethe Jack MovesGood Food and a funk ton more. The festival runs August 18-21 and is set to be an epic time to enjoy music with the best vibes in the state. Tickets are on sale now- you can buy them HERE.

Check back for more content showcasing the amazing artists performing at Mad Liberation Festivalas we gear up for a spectacular summer weekend.




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