The All Love Block Party


Summer is upon us- which brings cookouts, adventures and block parties. This past weekend we headed out to North Philly for an afternoon of summer vibes. The All Love Summer Block Party kept it simple- good music, good food and good energy to create a beautiful open experience. The event featured a full day of energy driven by music, headlined by Michael ChristmasChuck Inglish and Asher Roth.

Local startups 91 Republic and Primo Media Services created the All Love Summer Block Party to showcase the exceptional culture of Philadelphia and spread positive vibes. Kiki VodkaGoPuff and Single Rose Apparel made the day possible by sponsoring the afternoon ruckus. Members of the Philadelphia Mobile Food Association– Baby BluesMi Pueblito Taco TruckAll of a Sudden Desserts and Stuff’d Buns served up some Philly’s finest grub. There was a tent where you could relieve stress by playing with clay and even a modded bike/grill dishing out burgers and dogs. The event was BYOB, which I happily took advantage of thanks to Saint Benjamin Brewing Company located conveniently around the block. This was a real display of community featuring booming local brands and people from all walks of life. This all gelled beautifully on a perfect July afternoon.

All this positive energy came together to the sound of a curated lineup of musicians. This included amazing Philly up-and-coming rhyme spitters Shawn Smith and Alexander Charles. Boston’s RnB songstress Marcela Cruz rocked the crowd with a smooth vocals and brilliant choreography. The heavy trap bass of Chynna Rogers rumbled against the buildings down the street. All the while, the crowd was growing and moving in harmony. A dance battle broke out in the middle between the Asher Roth and his nephews.

The end of the evening featured three heavy weights. Michael Christmas took the stage with a fury of energy. He rode out intricate wordplay over melodic beats. To show the crowd how to turn up, he brought up the dance battle kids, who fed their abundant energy to the crowd. Chuck Inglish jumped up with the classics. Even doing a version of Black Mags featuring the rare Asher Roth verse. Asher, rocking his magnificent mane of hair blowing in the wind, was so crisp with the delivery. While performing his classic Lark on my Go-Kart he called up a member of the crowd to perform with him. The guy he pulled up was Chester native and rapper, L-Kwon, who came through in the clutch and went hard even during a stage dive. The stage at this point was a party with ChristmasInglish and Roth firing on all cylinders. The event ended as the sun set. Asher reminded us of the beauty of community and the beauty of clouds which surrounded us right before launching a dance parade off the block.

The evening was less of a concert and more of a wide-spread interaction. You could feel it in the air, just a haze of bliss. It was a genuine block party for everyone to enjoy. While I originally went for an intimate show with some of my favorite wordsmiths from growing up, I found something more important, community and love. This is what events should strive for. The organizers didn’t do anything fancy or over the top. The All Love Summer Block was an inclusive event to let loose and give the amazing Philadelphia community a place to come together.

Be sure to keep an eye on 91 Republic and Primo Media Services for future events around Philadelphia.

Check out the photos below:


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