CannaGather: Social Tech with Isaac Dietrich


As the nation quickly progresses on the issue of legalization of cannabis, a lot of attention has landed on the New York City area. The tristate is the top media market in the nation and is home to an overwhelming amount of people. To put this in perspective- the legal state of Colorado is the home to about 3 million citizens, where as the state of New Jersey has about 9 million citizens. If you have seen the numbers behind Colorado’s legalization, multiply those by three and you can understand the hype. New Jersey holds a lot of focus as a key to the region for those in the industry and many are very optimistic for legislation to pass for recreational legalization this coming November. Professionals of all walks of life are working hard to stake their claim as part of the East Coast’s ‘green rush’. Which is why groups like CannaGather are so important. CannaGather is a NYC based group that connects people interested in the cannabis industry in a collaborative and informative environment. This month they hosted an event to discuss Social Tech with Isaac Dietrich, the CEO of Cannabis Social Media App, MassRoots.

Isaac Dietrich, saw an opportunity for a cannabis social network in 2013 and created MassRoots. The idea took hold. Shortly after starting MassRoots, they were famously removed from the Apple App Store, which was a death wish for an app. Luckily with the help of a dedicated base, MassRoots rose like a Phoenix. Apple reversed their decision after massive support from the users. This was a blessing in disguise according to Dietrich. Since then he has continued to grow with the industry. MassRoots went public and is a leader in the cannabis tech industry. Recently, Isaac Dietrich found himself in the  , but more on that later.

After giving the crowd a bit of his background, Dietrich shared with us a lot of knowledge of what he learned during his journey and where he sees the industry headed. On the aspects of start-ups he urges that people have to be really invested personally. Particularly in the Cannabis market, you must be very smart. To start a Cannabis business there is a lot of loss, pain, compromise and competition. You must be incredibly disciplined to survive and flourish. Currently there is a lot of opportunity and money, but no true big players (corporate). This is largely due to the risk of the industry, but it is this risk that allows us to thrive. Dietrich called this the Goldilocks Period. As state by state we move forward, new companies in all sectors are appearing, but there is a lack of presence from big business due to regulations. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to take a market position and become a respected expert. 

Dietrich brought a wealth of knowledge and an inside look to a dedicated crowd. You can see the talk in full  from Dreamclay Productions at the top of article.

The night ended with some time to network with people from all walks of life interested in nearly every aspect of the industry. These events are invaluable for meeting the people making real moves and making your ideas a reality. I saw some familiar faces and a lot of new ones that I hope to work with soon. One of the many great people I met was Johnathan Goodman of the JohnO Show. His show is superb and you will catch me on a future episode. This is an exciting and important time for the cannabis industry and entrepreneurs. Which is why CannaGather and events like it are a goldmine for planting roots and educating yourself.

Join the CannaGather email list to learn about future events. The next event is August 15th at Galvanize NYC, buy your tickets here.


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