CannaGather: Get Legal Cannabis in NY

<p><a href=”″>CannaGather | Get Legal Cannabis in New York with special guests</a> from <a href=””>Dreamclay Pictures</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Last month, the New York’s Cannabis community met at Galvanize NYC to discuss the access of legal Cannabis in New York. CannaGather continues to bring some of the industries top professionals to meet, discuss and learn about the industry as it continues to grow in the region. During the July meeting, Isaac Dietriech the CEO of social media platform MassRoots discussed his entry into the industry and the opportunities available in the world of Cannabis. For August the CannaGather team brought a panel of entrepreneurs, doctors and lawyers to discuss the process of becoming a legal Cannabis user and what is being done in our local community to help us grow.

The night kicked off with Lauren Rudick, a leading litigator for the Cannabis industry to discuss what is happening behind the scenes. Next Dr. Caroline Hartridge spoke to us about her work in Cannabis wellness and her new edible line. After that we met Hampton Medi Spa‘s Elizabeth Cramer Ernst and Dr. Ken Weinberg who discussed the process of getting a medical card and how the medical community is growing in the Cannabis field in New York. The evening ended with entrepreneur Oleg MaryAces from Magic Within Us to discuss his journey on starting a new business in the market. Beyond the speakers, CannaGather is worth its weight in gold as a networking event. The people that fill the room are involved at all levels and carry a wealth of knowledge that you can’t find anywhere else. You can watch the recap video in full above.

The next CannaGather event is this Thursday, September 28. We will be hearing from experts on ancillary investing and operating from professionals on the front line at Casa Verde CapitalBe sure to get involved. RSVP HERE.


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