Lady Moon & the Eclipse at American Beauty

Last month I was lucky enough to capture one of my favorite performances. Lady Moon & the Eclipse took the stage at American Beauty for an evening celebrating the release of Robbing Johnny’s new album Cold March. Unfortunately, I missed Robbing Johnny, however Cold March is a joyful album with a lot of positive energy and I suggest you give it a listen. I did however make it just in time to catch Chameleon Culture, a really soulful rock band from NYC.

The night concluded with the iconic Lady Moon & the Eclipse. This was my third time experiencing the beauty that is Lady Moon & the Eclipse and I remain blown away. Their show is a cosmic delight. I always get goosebumps going through my photos. And while I love my photographs from a Lady Moon & the Eclipse show, they do the live experience no justice. The outfits, the groove, the dancing and the chemistry is all on another level.

Be sure to follow and support. Don’t miss their next show, but for now live vicariously through my photos:


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