Paxico Records Tape Meet NYC


Cassette Store Day was created in 2013 by a collection of UK based labels to celebrate tape culture and underground music. A leader in the tape movement is Paxico Records and they created a multi-city event showcasing artists, labels and funky people that thrive in tape culture. The events went down in NYC, Austin and Los Angeles.

Situated in the heart of Williamsburg, the NYC meet packed a heavy lineup of live performances from FoiseyVHVL, Mogillah  and Malik Abdul Rahmaan. There was also cassette DJ sets from Josh Hey, Time Wharp, and Swamp Hag. The NYC beat scene turned out for the day which also featured set ups from local labels like Dirty Tapes, Zona Tapes, Astro Nautical, Never Normal and more. And on top of  everything there was free cold delicious beer from Sixpoint Brewery. There was tapes and gear for sale, polaroid pictures, free beer, gnarly music with 8-bit visuals and some proper good vibes. Every performance brought slappers that kept the crowd in a constant bounce. It was an amazing culmination of beat culture. You had so man beat makers who had such diverse style in the crowd- cheers to my guys Kaycyphr and Good Food from the Freq ShowEveryone came together for something special- during the show I felt relaxed an at ease, but reliving it I’m appreciating the energy of the people in that room. I’m really excited for where the beat scene is headed and events like these are something we need more of.

Check out the pictures on our Facebook.


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