Chilltown Collective X Thread: Mask Off


Halloween tends to bring out some of the best events and at White Eagle Hall in Jersey City, Thread Imprint & Chilltown Collective put together a night of thumping Jersey vibes aptly named Mask Off. The evening featured heavy hitters delivering the finest Jersey Club and Hip Hop all under the roof of the newly opened cinematic venue. The energy radiated from the will call to the thick of the crowd. It was an incredible night to witness.

When the doors opened to White Eagle Hall, I was greeted with a blast of bass, energetic beats and the flagrant words of the Jersey Club Queen, Uniiqu3. The feeling was vibrant, people were rocking and that Jersey love filled the air. Uniiqu3 proved why she is the queen and why crowds around the world fuck with her so hard. This homecoming was proper for a legend in the making. After the set, I explored, and kept running into Jersey cats I’ve met from all types of scenes. I grabbed myself a beer from the excellent selection and checked out the Soled Out Yeezy arcade game.

Next set brought a heavy vibe as the Brick City Cartel crew mobbed the stage. Each song turnt the energy up higher as MCs stacked bars on bars on bars. The collective of MC’s displayed a wide range of styles that worked in synchronicity. It was exciting to see a group of such talented individuals absolutely conquer a stage and rep for Newark so damn hard. Dougie F continued to put on for Jersey Hip Hop. Launching Yellow Du Rags into the crowd and pushing his .

DJ Sliink and Nadus closed the night with epic club vibes. Crowd in full frenzy, these dons chopped up classics that bumped everything into fifth gear. The footwork vibrated the floor and everyone around danced in harmony. If there was a way to end the night, this was it- live as hell!

The night was a proper showcase of Jersey Culture. The cab ride home, I was stuck in awe of the energy I felt. My one regret was missing three young culture pioneers- Scott Lauren, ENI and PeteyXKraze, but luckily their vibes are always felt around Jersey City and beyond. Big thanks to Nadus for inviting me out to this momentous evening and all the people that act as a catalyst to promote the beating energy that  in our state. Follow and support these people, they are out here creating the soundtrack and setting the tone for our times.




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