Vibes After Dark X Newark Radio Co-Op


Vibes After Dark continues to live up to its name and brings amazing energy to Newark every month. The night showcased amazing artists that are building the culture around us and celebrated the launch of the Newark Radio Co-Op. I was able to catch up with Alim Smith, the Delaware based artist known for his surreal meme paintings. Newark’s own Jay Golding was also live painting a beautiful massive canvas. Vendors lined the walls with exciting local businesses. The evening showcased some amazing talent on the mic with the poetics of Mama Metri, silky vibes from Noleac Yahsin; and sounds from DJs DJ A-K, DJ Guy and Kafele. The kicker of the night was a performance from one of my favorite sets from Mad Liberation FestivalEastern Foreigner. Each performance is so special, as for the time being this is a rare opportunity to hear her work- she’s commands the energy of the crowd and delivers a stunning performance. All the artists displayed amazing talent and was an honor to be under one roof with them. These are the people shaping the world around us and Vibes After Dark consistently delivers the soul of the city. Stay tuned for their next event and be sure to check out these amazing artists and support them in all they do to shape our lives.




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