NJCU presents: Underground Up


Earlier this month I headed out to NJCU to check out the Underground Up show which featured three artists which have colored Jersey City and across the world. Distort, Clarence Rich and Mr. Mustart have all been some of the most prolific street artists in shaping the landscape of Jersey City. Their unique styles can be found prominently displayed from Greenville to the Heights to Downtown. Each artist showcase complex imagery to tell their stories. The evening allowed students and locals an opportunity to understand these artists on a deeper level.

Mr. Mustart, an NJCU grad, known paints psychedelic vortexes full of imagination. He discussed the value of learning traditional art forms while expressing himself through street art and hip hop. He also covered his growth as an artist and evolving to be able to create for a living and working with city programs to bring art that the community can appreciate.

Distort, discussed the deeper meanings behind his work- combining classic theology with modern imagery. His work is brilliantly displayed on items he finds in travels, such as a fire extinguisher or a car hood. Recently, Distort teamed up with local gallery Green Villain to complete the largest mural in New Jersey.

Clarence Rich displayed his latest works of photo realistic paintings with a  and explained how his process of using images of friends and the joy of creating new bodies of work for his shows. He is currently working on show called Zodiac Killer opening December 9th at the Deep Space Gallery in Jersey City.

Underground Up was an excellent showcase that connected the street art world to the world of high education. It was an excellent way to connect with these artists best known for the characters they add to our streets. You can locate these artists works in the streets with the help of the CANVS app.



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