Genii Worldwide Presents: The Atmos

One of the most energetic crews out there is throwing a party that is not to miss. The Genii Collective is a group of artists that brings a great deal of groove and positive vibes. Their presence at this summers Mad Liberation Festival was unrivaled and now they are bring that same energy for a night with fellow Mad Lib alums Conundrum. Be prepared for deep sounds, good eats from Paula’s Soul Food Cafe and a great atmosphere.

In anticipation I spoke with co-founder Jelani to get more insight on what to expect.

What is the mission of Genii?

Genii is another variation of the word “Genius” so it’s mainly a movement and an idea that we as humans all have the inner ability to manifest whatever it is we want in this life. It is not so much calling ourselves geniuses but highlighting that inner ability that we all have that we can achieve whatever we want. And if we all manifest this ability we could all make the world a better place, and that is what the continent inside the globe symbolizes (Pangea) when the Earth was first formed and the entire world was just one continent. The 2 i’s symbolizes me & you (metaphorically speaking) holding up the world together, although people give us different meanings of the logo all the time haha.

How did Genii come to be?

So basically in 2014 Rich and I we’re doing rap showcases and we didn’t like that we weren’t getting much response from the people listening, so Rich came to the conclusion that we need our own movement and came over to my house and said we should call it Genii and explained the meaning to me. He was just thinking it would be something cool for music but I kinda took it to another planet, and then I reached out to Omar to tell him about it and he was liking the idea and he designed the logo. Ever since then we’ve just been trying to build up this movement.
As far as the band, me and Rich always wanted to start a band so last year Anny got asked to perform at a show and she said she didn’t wanna do it unless it was with Me and Rich so that was basically our opportunity to put the band together. Keegan our guitarist was always down to work, then we got Dre on Bass and we had this guy Mike as a drummer. But then once we played the show JV and Tima were there and they were in love with it so they both gave me they’re number. So when September came we just all mobbed up to Willy P and from there we just started absorbing people into the band. It was like every rehearsal someone new would pop up.


What do you guys bring to a show that sets you apart?

I always think about this, I guess it’s just like we have so many people so whenever we play a show that’s the first thing people say is there’s 11 people on stage. I also feel like it’s the sound as well, with live instruments. I don’t think people are used to live instruments as much anymore in Hip-Hop. The biggest group who probably did it is probably The Roots, (whom we get compared to at every show). I know Phony Ppl. do it as well but I don’t know if they’re that well known to the general public. People always comment on our stage presence as well and our chemistry too. Putting the band together I always want it to feel like family, like yeah we play together but it’s like I care about you as well, so I think that definitely comes through the music.

What can we expect from this upcoming show?

Mannnn some good vibes, I hope it turns out well, and people come out and have a good time. But really we called it the ATMOS short for atmosphere because we feel as though we’re trying to give people the world with Genii Worldwide, so we wanted to provide the atmosphere that we aim to deliver to people. We just wanna give people a chance to celebrate life and be themselves without being looked at a certain way. That’s what really drove us to do this event. I’m doing my first DJ Set ever, Conundrum is playing, Genii is playing, and my guy Mouldy and my other guy Eric gonna DJ. It’s gonna be a dope night.

The party goes down Friday. Check the information below.




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