Survival Guide: Mad Liberation ’18

The time is among us- we are a week away from a weekend event like no other. Mad Liberation is a sonic escape exploring all ends of underground culture, set in the beauty of lakeside campground in the Jersey Pine Barrens. The weekend features a unique musical lineup featuring headliners like Jon Bap, Blaque Dynamite, Nadus, Show Me the Body and Moor Mother. You can also experience some of the best local live music acts in the area.

Mad Liberation doesn’t have a set genre or even crowd. You’ll catch bassheads and punks grooving to some jazz or catch hippies thrashing out to punk. It’s a place where you can be yourself and break from the typical scenes that you’re tied to.¬†Let loose, be liberated, open your mind surrounded by nature at Paradise Lakes. This is a weekend of celebration¬†for open expression.



Paradise Lakes is located out in the Pine Barrens in Hammonton, New Jersey. Getting there is extremely convenient to drive to from Philadelphia, North Jersey, NYC. Please use this address when plugging in your GPS, the entrance will be marked, but it is easy to miss. For those of you with no car- we encourage you to car-pool, (Pro-tip: drop a line on the Facebook event.)

If you would like to take a different route you can take a train to Hammonton (NJ Transit Atlantic City Line), and then Uber/Lyft to the event. If you do select this option, ask the driver to take you on to the grounds, the road entrance to the campsite entrance is quite a hike.


Come in, set up camp at one of our amazing campsites. When choosing a campsite, keep in mind that music goes all night- if you are looking for some quiet, select your campsite carefully. The mainstage shuts down at 2am, but the other stages rock all night long. We highly encourage that you get excited about your campsite and go hard on decorating.

The campground itself is a beautiful space that features a lake, toliets/showers (keep in mind, not luxury, it’s still a campground) and water/electric hookups throughout the grounds. I’ve compiled a list below and on Amazon to help if you don’t know what you need.

We have four stages set up throughout the campground for you to explore. There is a ton to see and do out there, but remember this is the woods- so look out for one another, be smart and come prepared. There are three really key items you will need- water, a flash light and bug spray.


So first things first- NO FIRES! I know this is camping and cooking something over the open flame goes hand and hand with that, but we cannot have fires. The Pine Barrens are a literal tinder box. You can bring a small propane camping grill, or a George Foreman or whatever, but no open fires or charcoal grills. Bring whatever food you’d like- I’m a big fan of oranges, beef jerky, fruit leathers and chips for summer music festivals.

If you just want to enjoy and not worry about cooking- don’t worry we got you. We have some amazing food vendors that will take care of you. We have delicious options for all diets and cravings. You can find these and other spectacular vendors right by the main stage.


There is no alcohol served on site- if you are drinking age and are looking to indulge, you must bring it with you. There’s a bunch of stores on the way in- I personally make a stop at Scoots on the way in. Plan properly, we strongly discourage leaving the grounds for anything other than an emergency. Also for safety, please no glass bottles.


Be ready for a non-stop escape featuring some of the best talent across the sound spectrum. This is our chance to create paradise for our community. To explore new sounds, people and energy. Come in with no expectations and leave feeling liberated. This festival is for all of us and is a celebration of our daily expressions. We feature movers and shakers from across genres on four different stages. You’ll always be able to find a sound that fits you, but we encourage you try something new and out of your realm. If you need some time to take in nature and reconnect- Paradise Lakes is the perfect place to do so. The weekend hosts some beautiful vendors made up of food, artists, clothing and much more. Our team has worked hard to make this festival a sacred place and we encourage people to leave their own mark by expressing themselves.

You can experience more with our recap of last year.


Paradise Lakes is our home temporarily- please be mindful of that and pick up after yourselves.

Also please look out for each other- this is a community effort and we need to work together to make this great. If someone is not feeling to hot or uncomfortable, let one of the organizers know. If someone is acting out of pocket, let us know. Leave the beef at the door- this is about building up, not tearing down.


  • Water/Water Bottle (there are spigots with drinking water all over the campground, STAY HYDRATED)
  • Tent
  • Flash Lights
  • Bug Spray
  • Swim Suit (there’s a lake)
  • Comfortable footwear (expect a lot of sand)
  • Campsite Expression
  • Trash Bags
  • Festival Fashion (express yourself!)
  • Things that make you happy (sketch books, etc)
  • Yoga Mat (we have yoga!)
  • Hammocks
  • A sandwich for the hardworking crew
  • Your dancing shoes
  • Your friends
  • An Open Mind

Do Not Bring

  • Weapons
  • Glass Bottles
  • Fireworks
  • Charcoal Grills
  • Cats (cause a cat park is sketchy)
  • Any hateful energy
  • Fleshlights

Important information

  • Campsite opens at 12pm, Friday, August 17
  • First performance at 4pm, Friday, August 17

Mad Liberation Amazon Idea List

Mad Liberation Tickets

Last Year’s Recap






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