Expanding your Senses with SENSORiUM Festival [PREVIEW]


The summer’s winding down and it’s time for one of our favorite experiences from last year. SENSORiUM Festival is a beautiful display of music, art and community brought to you by the funky folks of Tweed. Last year Minka, The Beating, Moon Bounce, Tweed and Soohan tickled the senses of the crowd on a beautiful summer day at One Art Community Center. The day was a beautiful inclusive experience, people were very open, friendly and fun. There was an amazing display of great vendors and artistic performers.

This year SENSORiUM Festival is back with another beautiful lineup of genre breaking artists. The festival is moving to a new venue on the east side of Philadelphia at the expansive Ukie Club on Franklin. The Ukie Club has been hosting social and cultural events in the city since 1909 and is a beautiful large space that will host three stages for the event. Minka and Tweed are back alongside 15 other performers bringing the beautiful vibes for the crowd to explore. Personally, I’m excited to find some new music to groove to, but there are some of my favorites rocking out the entire weekend.

Here are my top acts to catch:

SunsquabiThe Colorado based funk-tronica group spreads their cosmic energy across the country. Taking crowds on a sonic getaway. They bring an immense amount of energy and are a perfect fit to tickle the senses. Catch them on the Milky Way stage 8:30pm-10pm.

Flamingosis– The Jersey beatmaker is a groove master. His use of old school samples is unmatched. The perfect soundscape for a windows down cruise, that will make you feel like the flyest bird in the sky. Catch him on the Andromeda stage at 7:30pm-8:30pm.

Daedelus– The legendary mad scientist of beats. I’ve long admired his ability to experiment and make a track that feels so visual. His mad man style and energy are sure to bring a deeply moving experience to Sensorium. Catch him on the Andromeda stage at 5:15pm-6:15pm

Tweed– Our gracious hosts, a band that brings serious energy and are damn fun to watch. These guys put it all out there on the line and visibly enjoy moving the crowd. It’s that feel good jam, perfect for dancing like a fool to! Catch them on the Milky Way stage 6:15pm-7:15pm.

The day is set to be amazing and a perfect way to explore all your senses. You can check out the schedule below for all the action. After the event, the party continues with some amazing mind-bending artists. I hope to see all your beautiful faces there grooving and feeling right. The weather looks perfect, the bands are right- it’s going to be something special!

Recap from Last Years Event

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