Welcome to the journey, I’m happy to have you along.

Transit began as an idea for a photo zine when I was looking at all my bus and train tickets. After a few years bouncing around from New York, Pennsylvania, Baltimore, Florida Las Vegas and Jersey, I had collected a lot of stories. Riding transit you get to observe a lot of people from the country to the city to the desert, if you stay on long enough you see and hear a lot. I’ve embraced this and tried to capture my energy in videos and photography.

I decided to create a wider base for the zine and apply the idea and energy of Transit to weekly adventures covering the culture around me while I experience. Interviews, adventures, recaps and more are right here at your finger tips. Down the line I plan to compile a zine, throw events and work on an exclusive artist series.

Things are changing and I’m constantly discovering, each day is a new experience.

Thank you for joining the ride!


You can find me at the corner store, at a music festival, at your grandma’s cookout or wherever, I keep it moving.

Give me a shout, good vibes always, lets do this thing.